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Jude’s Gentle Giants

Jude’s Gentle Giants


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Everyone has a dream and that is true of Jude Bonner, a young man growing up on a farm in Belgrade, Minnesota in 2005. Jude gets his wish to have and train a team of Percheron draft horses, Pete and Joe. As is often the case with dreams, the reality turns out to be a little more challenging than he expects. Jude finds himself learning and growing along with his colts as a bond is forged. Jude discovers what it means to have character, integrity, discipline, love, faith and hardship. Jude battles bullies, harsh winters, money, and forgiveness with the help of his family, Pete, Joe and his trusty dog, Fuzz.

“Any child or young adult who is captivated by horses will love this story of a teen boy’s experience raising and training Percheron draft horses. With this story comes life lessons on faith and character. A double win!”
Jeff Siemon –
Former Minnesota Viking/Minnesota Search Ministries Director

“Finally, a true-to-life story that I can feel confident recommending to both youth and adults. Graham does a wonderful job using the teenage character and life of Jude to teach lessons of work ethic, responsibility, forgiveness and family relationships. A wholesome and compelling return to reading for the sake of pure enjoyment! With adventure, humor, intrigue and romance, this story has it all.”
Paula Holmen –
Children’s Ministries Director / Home School Administrator

“Les Graham writes a delightful story that will easily capture the attention of young readers. Jude, his main character, is a mid-teen Christian boy with a love for horses and commitment to following Jesus Christ. Being nurtured in his faith by his parents, he navigates the challenges of adolescent relationships as well as the responsibilities of raising Percheron draft horses. This is an excellent book that brings the reader into the life and family of a young man who seeks to live life with God directed purpose and meaning.”
Rev. Merrill Kindall – Covenant Pastor