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Surrendering the Reins

Surrendering the Reins


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In “Jude’s Gentle Giants,” we met Jude Bonner, a farm boy from Belgrade, MN with a dream of raising his own team of Percheron draft horses. His story continues in “Surrendering the Reins.” As Jude grows older, he sets out on a new journey dealing with the challenges of life, love and loss. Jude learns to rely fully on God as he faces the joys and difficulties of adult life in his marriage, work and health. Throughout it all, his horses Pete and Joe remain by his side as they pull the heaviest load of all.

“This exciting sequel to Jude’s Gentle Giants not only promises
thought-provoking, involved and interesting character development, it provides compelling and convincing illustrations of character building through Jude’s life experiences. Expect to be challenged to search your heart and seek the Lord for His will and His ways of forgiveness, kindness and compassion in this page-turner of a great read.”
Mary Beth Carlson –
Songwriter, Performing and Recording Artist, Author and Inspirational Speaker

“The much anticipated sequel to Jude’s Gentle Giants did not disappoint. Wholesome and utterly compelling, Surrendering the Reins evokes both laughter and tears as the reader follows Jude Bonner’s experiences with his Percheron horses, his family and God. The life lessons intertwined in this captivating story are invaluable. A must-read for youth AND adults alike!”
Char Erickson –
Human Services Care Coordinator for Families Collaborative

“Three thumbs up! I enjoyed adventuring through the pages with Pete, Joe, and Jude…but Kelly is my favorite character. After reading Jude’s Gentle Giants, I’m very excited to endorse the sequel, Surrendering the Reins. Through giggles and tears both of these awesome books remind me to make my faith
real everyday”
Aubrey Wookey (Pictured Below with Pete and Joe)
12 year old 6th grader

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