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Direct Mail


It’s personal, tangible, measureable, cost-effective and paired with the right mailing list, direct mail can be highly targeted to those most likely to be receptive to your message. Research even indicates that consumers continue to prefer direct mail to any other direct marketing tactic.

Lakeside Press will work with you to ensure that your mailing works for you and your budget, offering a wide array of services executed by professionals that are experts in the USPS direct mail guidelines so you don’t have to be.

Bulk Mail Services
  • Prepare Mailing List according to USPS postal requirements
  • CASS Certification
  • National Change of Address Processing
  • Automate and Address Envelopes
  • Machine Folding and Collating
  • Inserting
  • Hand Assembly, Collating and Nesting
  • Tabbing for Self-Mailers
  • Sealing
  • Postcard, Letter or Flat Sized Mail
  • Color or Black and White Printing
  • Variable Data Mail Merge Laser Printing

Lakeside Press will ensure that your direct mail piece gets where it needs to go as efficiently as possible by helping to procure lists and run lists against NCOA databases and check for errors. We’ll also send you the results to help keep all of your in-house lists current.

Unsolicited advertising sent to prospective customers through the mail is known as direct mail. When direct mail is sent out in large quantities, it can qualify for reduced postage rates and is referred to as bulk mail.

The Postal Service offers lower prices for bulk mailings in exchange for you doing some of the work. It saves the Postal Service time when the mail is already sorted by ZIP Code or when the mail is delivered to a destination postal facility.

  • 500 pieces for First-Class Mail.
  • 200 pieces (or 50 pounds of mail) for Standard Mail.
  • 50 pieces for Parcel Select.
  • 300 pieces for Presorted or Carrier Route Bound Printed Matter.
  • 300 pieces for Library Mail.
  • 300 pieces for Media Mail.

In addition to these minimum quantities, the Postal Service has strict requirements on sizes and design layouts that must be adhered to in order to qualify for the reduced postage rates. We are here to make sure your mail piece meets all of the guidelines. A simple error in layout (being oversized or having a fold in the wrong place for example) can end up costing you more in the long-run.

Lakeside Press specializes in addressing and processing bulk mail. We’ve invested in postal software and equipment that can save you time and money when it comes to preparing your mail.

Permit imprint is the most popular and convenient way to pay for postage, especially for high volume mailings. Instead of using precanceled stamps or a postage meter, the mailer prints postage information in the upper right corner of the mailpiece. This postage block is called an “indicia.

It’s simple. If you don’t have a permit number you can use ours free of charge.


Lakeside Press is a provider of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), an affordable US Postal Service® program that allows you to send mail to all households within a designated target area such as a specific street, neighborhood or zip code. With EDDM, there’s no need to know the names or addresses of those you want to reach – just simply designate your target area and let Lakeside Press do the rest.